Limit Expands the Cyber Marketplace by Partnering with Orpheus

Limit is excited to announce a partnership with Orpheus - a leader in cyber risk monitoring and vulnerability exploit prediction.

New York, NY: As a part of our mission to enhance the cyber security positioning of our retailer’s insureds and create a safer digital world, Limit is excited to announce a partnership with Orpheus - a leader in cyber risk monitoring and vulnerability exploit prediction.

Orpheus will join Limit’s Cyber Marketplace which is offered exclusively to Limit customers and features a wide array of cutting edge cyber security software solutions and consultancy services. Orpheus offers a free evaluation service and is ready to assist in a wide variety of threat intelligence and assessment situations.

“We’re very excited that Orpheus will be joining our marketplace of cybersecurity partners, and look forward to continued partnership with the firm,” said Yoav Shaked, co-founder and COO of Limit. “As the cyber insurance market continues to evolve, adopting the right security posture is critical and Orpheus offers a full-service solution to meet that goal.”

“We’re thrilled to be joining Limit’s marketplace as we continue to support the evolving cyber insurance space,” said Karla Reffold, General Manager of Orpheus Cyber.  “As the leader in vulnerability exploit prediction, we’re enabling our partners to effectively prioritize their own attack surface as well as that of their supply chains.”

About Orpheus

Orpheus is a leading cybersecurity company that offers predictive and actionable intelligence to clients, enabling them to anticipate, prepare for, and respond to cyber threats. Their threat intelligence is used to create threat-led cyber risk ratings, providing a more accurate assessment of risk than just analyzing an organization’s attack surface. Orpheus offers subscriptions that provide tailored intelligence for your organization, based on factors such as your industry, activities, and technology. With all-source intelligence collection, sophisticated technology, and expert analysis, their subscriptions are curated by highly qualified analysts who work closely with you to ensure you receive the intelligence you need.

About Limit

Limit is a digitally-native wholesale insurance broker working on behalf of retailers in multiple lines of insurance and across the United States. The Limit platform allows clients to obtain instant quotes from top cyber insurers, find up to $3M in Insurance coverage automatically, and receive a plan with customizable and comprehensive coverage all with 24/7 support. Limit is building a lean, tech-enabled business that can efficiently deliver insurance policies which are tailored to the needs of individual clients. Limit has taken some of the first steps to revolutionizing the industry and welcomes you to learn more at: