How to Improve the Retail Insurance Experience

When it comes to both attracting new and retaining current business, insurance brokers are improving the most basic components of their product offering to stand out in what has become a highly competitive industry.

Reputation in the retail insurance business starts with customer experience. With so many platforms available for customer feedback, the experience is easily captured broadly across online ratings and reviews. Comments in public forums can either help a firm gain or lose new and current clients alike, so designing a positive customer experience and insurance solution is critical as brokers work to improve their reputation.

How to Improve the Customer Experience in Insurance

Insurance brokers should provide personal touchpoints for their clients. Here are 3 ways cyber brokers can strengthen the relationship they have with their customers.

  1. Offer live assistance during the application process.
  2. Check-in after applications have been submitted.
  3. Improve the online experience so that customers can easily find what they want.

Insurance brokers should also focus on understanding and protecting their clients’ data. The best insurance brokers leverage their existing data to bring an expert opinion to the client such that they become an advisor as much as a broker.

Ideally, data should also be localized to the customer’s industry, and any benchmark or survey data should be verified by an accredited, independent source. Taking this step shows the client that the broker is credible, with a clear ability to understand their needs.

Set Insurance Goals

Cyber insurance brokers should be aware of emerging trends, market developments, and any shifts, whether positive or negative, that may affect their clients. As the world evolves, brokers should remain focused on helping clients achieve their goals. Here are some actions the best insurance brokers can take:

  1. Deliver savings to customers wherever available.
  2. Be proactive about communication.
  3. Find new ways to save customers’ time.

Technology in the Insurance Industry

Digital tools and data analysis are critical for modern brokers. Using digital media and communications to reach a large number of clients on a regular basis keeps customers informed and strengthens relationships. It also positions brokers as the experts in their business with advice that can be trusted. That differentiation alone can convert prospects into customers as customer needs become increasingly complex

Leveraging technology is a key focus for Limit. Our technical infrastructure enables us to deliver insurance quotes quickly through an easy to use, online portal. Understanding our clients' data has also allowed us to better address their needs. As a result, we have been able to grow our offering over the last several years and build specialties in both cyber insurance and other commercial lines

No matter where you stand in the growth of your insurance business, there is always room to improve when it comes to bettering the customer experience. If you want to save your customers time and money, be sure to check out Limit to get instant quotes on the best cyber liability coverage available.

The Limit Perspective

Limit is a digitally-native wholesale insurance broker working on behalf of retailers in multiple lines of insurance and across the United States. Our platform allows clients to:

  • Obtain instant quotes from top cyber insurers
  • Find up to $3M in Insurance coverage automatically
  • Receive a plan with customizable and comprehensive coverage
  • 24/7 support

Limit is building a lean, tech-enabled business that can efficiently deliver insurance policies which are tailored to the needs of individual clients. We have taken some of the first steps to revolutionizing the industry and welcome you to learn more on our website:

You can also reach out and connect with us on LinkedIn.