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Every insurance professional deserves an assistant that is smart, capable, and always available.
Origin story
In four years of running a digital wholesale insurance brokerage, the brokers and engineers at Limit learned first-hand what tools insurance professionals need most day-to-day.
In the summer of 2023, Limit began using Generative AI to assist its brokerage team. Noticing great potential, this turned into Limit AI: the P&C insurance industry's first AI assistant.
One year later, Limit AI is ready for you to use.

All About Limit AI

Assistant capabilities

What lines does Limit AI support?
We support all lines of P&C insurance: from personal homeowners through commercial specialty.

What kinds of documents can Limit AI process?
At this time, we only handle PDFs. We plan to handle other document types in the near future.

What's the longest document that Limit AI can handle?
We've tested it with package policies that run well north of 400 pages. There is no practical limit on document length.

What can Limit AI not do?
Right now, the Limit AI assistant cannot:
  • Fill out documents for you
  • Create documents for you
  • Analyze images in documents
  • Issue opinions, e.g. whether a carrier is good at paying claims
  • Provide benchmarking data on claims, premiums, or what peers buy
We're working on these!

Can Limit AI read messy or handwritten documents?
Yes, though clean, normal PDFs are best.

Can I tune Limit AI to my company's standards?
Yes. As part of our optional enterprise offering, Limit AI can ingest any amount of custom data to then tune its answers to your specific requirements. If you bring your custom data, then your firm will get its own dedicated instance of Limit AI, where the answers will always match the style of your firm.


What privacy guarantees do you provide?
We provide robust privacy guarantees. See our Terms and Conditions for a quick overview and all the details.

Does the AI learn from my data?
No. Improvements to our AI are made as regular software updates by our team. Contrary to popular perception — and unlike humans — Limit AI doesn't get smarter on the fly.

Could my data be surfaced to another user?
No, every user's data is stored separately. It is not possible for any user to see any other user's data.


What are the differences between ChatGPT and Limit AI?
Unlike the Large Language Model (LLM) applications developed by Google, OpenAI, Microsoft, and others, Limit AI is the first LLM application that is special-cased for insurance. This means that we have some of our own language models, and large datasets of proprietary P&C insurance data that enable us to provide much more useful, correct, and precise answers.

Can I integrate Limit AI into my insurance platform?
We can facilitate API integrations, or more bespoke solutions as may be necessary. Feel free to reach out to us to ask about your use case.

What about hallucinations?
As a practical matter, hallucinations have been extremely rare for Limit AI. When Limit AI makes mistakes, they are obvious. Limit AI’s most common failure-case is that it cannot parse a document.


Can I use Limit AI instead of an insurance broker?
No. Limit AI is not a licensed insurance broker, and neither is it a substitute for a licensed insurance professional. Limit AI is built to be used by licensed brokers and underwriters. You should always review output from Limit AI for correctness.

Getting started

Is there a free tier?
Yes, you can try out Limit AI with a generous grant of free queries.

How is it priced?
After the free tier, there's a simple subscription fee per seat per month. If you have particular custom enterprise needs, then those may require additional implementation fees.

How can I access the platform?
Reach out to us, and we can onboard you shortly. It's easy to get started!

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