Artificial Intelligence for Insurance

Limit's groundbreaking AI assistant brings expert knowledge and time savings to brokers and underwriters
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Limit has built the State of the Art AI for insurance. Our assistant is extremely knowledgeable about P&C, and highly skilled at analyzing insurance documents.

General Insurance Q&A

Limit AI can competently speak about P&C insurance topics for all lines, from personal homeowners to commercial specialty.
check-circle-icon“What is a soft hammer clause?”
check-circle-icon“What coverages does a real estate agency need?”
check-circle-icon“Give me a claims scenario for flooding in Detroit”

Countless Integrations

Limit AI has built-in resources so you don't have to look up common questions:
check-circle-iconAM Best ratings
check-circle-iconSurplus Lines tax rates and regulatory requirements
check-circle-iconNAICS and SIC industry classification
check-circle-icon10,000+ forms

Document Analysis

Limit AI can handle insurance documents that are hundreds of pages long, in well under a minute.
check-circle-icon“What are the exclusions in this policy?”
check-circle-icon“Is business interruption covered? What’s the waiting period?”
check-circle-icon“Summarize the most relevant coverages for my client...”
check-circle-icon“Would the policy cover the following claim scenario?”

Document Comparison

Limit AI can process multiple insurance documents (policies, quotes, contracts...) simultaneously, and tell you all about how they relate to one another.
check-circle-icon“Is this renewal quote on the same terms as the expiring policy?”
check-circle-icon“Please compare and contrast these two competing quotes”
check-circle-icon“Which of these two quotes has better pollution coverage?”
check-circle-icon“Does this policy form meet the insurance requirements of this master service agreement?”
By Brokers

Limit AI is built for insurance professionals, by insurance professionals. It reflects the work and needs of a team of expert brokers. Many decades of brokerage experience form Limit AI's knowledge base.

Leverage Your Own Data

Limit AI optionally enables technology-forward insurance brokerages and carriers to use AI with their own data.Your firm has spent many years building up internal expertise and gold standards: use them to make sure the AI answers the way you think is right. As part of Limit AI's enterprise offering, Limit AI can take in any amount of your data, creating your own private AI instance that answers just the way you want it to.
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Limit is bringing artificial intelligence to the insurance industry. We are on a mission to empower insurance professionals with our cutting-edge AI assistant.

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