Limit Launches Whitelabeled Proposals

Retailers can source and provide insurance quotes in just a few minutes with documents that are dressed in the branding of their own agency.

At Limit, we are always thinking of ways to make life easier for brokers. Putting your name on every document you send can be frustrating. And that’s why starting today, retailers can take advantage of our latest solution: Whitelabeled Proposals.

The insurance process is riddled with complex paperwork, delicate language and a never ending backlog of time-consuming tasks. Limit is all about speed and simplicity, and now you can use Whitelabeled Proposals to deliver quotes in-house – putting you in complete command of the customer experience.

Before the launch of Whitelabeled Proposals, retailers had the option to quickly offer a selection of policies that insureds could compare side-by-side. In the past, this document included Limit’s logo and branding. Now, retail brokers can source and provide the same quotes in just a few minutes with documents that are dressed in the branding of their own agency. This includes the logos and colors that go hand-in-hand with their company and mission.

Whitelabeled Proposals save time by solving the challenge of delivering a curated PDF that makes it easy for insureds to pick and choose the policy that best suits their needs. Insurance clients need simple, accessible and comprehensive policies, and now our retail partners can deliver sharp, detailed quote recommendations without the need for a marketing team.

Whitelabeled Proposals are currently available for all Limit users. To get started, simply fill out an application through Limit’s portal. Once submitted, we will automatically provide quotes from our 40+ carrier partners along with a downloadable, whitelabeled PDF that you can use to help seal the deal with your clients.

This is yet another way Limit is working to reshape the future of insurance. If you have any questions about Limit’s Whitelabeled Proposals, please reach out to our team at

Provide Better Coverage: Whitelabel Your Quotes

Limit is a digitally-native wholesale insurance broker working on behalf of retailers in multiple lines of insurance and across the United States. Our platform allows clients to:

  • Obtain instant quotes from top cyber insurers
  • Find up to $3M in Insurance coverage automatically
  • Receive a plan with customizable and comprehensive coverage
  • 24/7 support

Limit is building a lean, tech-enabled business that can efficiently deliver insurance policies which are tailored to the needs of individual clients. We have taken some of the first steps to revolutionizing the industry and welcome you to learn more on our website:

Please reach out and connect with us and our representatives on LinkedIn as well.