Apollo Brokers is Now Limit

It's official: We have rebranded to Limit.

Today marks a big milestone in our journey at Apollo Brokers: we are rebranding to Limit.

What’s in a Name?

As a digital wholesale broker, our job has always been to limit risk and limit work for our partners all throughout the insurance value chain.

Limits are everywhere in the insurance industry: taken literally, we sell insurance policies with limits from $50K to $50M and beyond. That limit of coverage is arguably the most important part of the product that the insured is buying. But the biggest limit in the industry is time: with many applications to fill out, emails going back and forth, and documents getting signed in ink, it’s no surprise that a traditional insurance purchase can take days or even weeks to turn around, with many hours spent for the broker, the insured, and sometimes even the underwriter.

Enter Limit: our mission is to solve those problems and limit the busywork for everyone involved. Our digital brokerage platform provides instant quotes for Cyber, Tech E&O, and soon Misc E&O to retail brokers across the country, and we partner with over 40 carriers to provide best-in-class coverage. Even for the toughest E&S deals, our expert brokerage team takes pride in finding solutions. Our platform provides detailed quote recommendations, ties in gold-standard cybersecurity vendors, and handles everything from figuring out the right markets to filing surplus lines forms.

“Historically, insurance has always limited risk. In 2022, insurtech limits labor. Especially in a hard market where deals can take great effort to get done, if we’re able to get a broker ten quotes in fifteen minutes, that’s a huge win for them. Importantly, it’s also a huge win for their clients: in an insurance environment where prices and coverages are varying widely, a fulsome marketing effort can make a world of difference for the end customer. That’s what we provide by combining technology and wholesale expertise – our job at Limit is to help retail brokers get their time back and succeed with their insureds.”

- Yoav Shaked, COO at Limit

Rebranding marks a moment to celebrate. Since we started transacting policies a year and a half ago, we’ve been empowering brokers all over the country to find better coverage at lower prices in less time. During that time, we’ve spent many hours trying to find the right brand identity for ourselves. Ultimately, the word Limit stands out to us not just because it represents such a core concept in insurance, but also because the products we sell and services we provide all limit risks and costs of many forms. Whether you’re a carrier limiting your underwriting expenses by utilizing digital distribution or a broker limiting the risk exposure of your client, we’re here to help.

We have many exciting updates planned for the quarters ahead. Stay tuned! We thank all of our partners for supporting our journey, and look forward to continuing our mission under our new brand identity.

Want to learn more? Get in touch by visiting us at limit.com, or connect with us directly at contact@limit.com.