From day one, Limit has always been focused on providing better insurance coverage in less time. Our mission is dedicated to the success of our retail broker and carrier partners, and today we are excited to share a modern, streamlined approach to the insurance workflow: Storefronts.

Storefronts enable retailers to create self-serve insurance application pages that can be shared with infinitely many clients, or embedded into their websites. In the past, retail brokers had to onboard clients and send them applications to fill out. Now, a retailer that creates a storefront can use that simple link over and over again, for every insured, with no need for the broker to ever enter any data or create any kind of profile.

When an insured enters a storefront application, they can fill it in themselves, and Limit automatically goes out, quotes with carriers, and presents the results to the retailer, ready for the insured. Brokers who use the links will receive a notification when quotes are available.  

Storefronts help retail brokers sell more insurance in less time by limiting all the work around the start of a transaction, and focusing on the core of the deal: presenting quotes that are ready to be bound. With Storefronts, retailers still have full access to all the same features they know and love from Limit including:

  • Tailored coverage to manage various cyber exposures
  • Access to 45+ carriers
  • Support from a team of expert brokers

Get Started

You can create your own Storefront by sending an email to Once we hear from you, you’ll be up and running with your own storefront in minutes!

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to serving you.