Cyber Partnership Offering

As a part of our mission to enhance the cyber security positioning of our retailer’s insureds and create a safer digital world, Limit has partnered with LoginTC, SecurIT360, and Acreto - an array of high-performance cyber security and monitoring solutions tailored to the needs of our partners.

  • LoginTC is a simple yet strong solution for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in an easy to understand package that can be fully setup in less than one hour. From smartphone apps to hardware tokens to desktop solutions, LoginTC supports a broad range of authentication options to meet your insured’s business needs with a wide-ranging choice of connectors and no need to introduce additional hardware into the LoginTC ecosystem.
  • SecurIT360 is a knowledge-based, cyber security consulting firm that represents industries concerned with protecting sensitive information, including: Legal, Financial, Healthcare, Utilities, Education, and IT Services. SecurIT360 offers levels of service ranging from basic vulnerability assessments to ISO 27000 program development, compliance auditing, and many more direct options depending on the needs of your insured’s organization.
  • Acreto is a single, simple platform that connects and protects your insured’s entire hybrid infrastructure(s) from-the-cloud. It delivers robust end-to-end, zero-trust security that Cyber Insurance carriers count on. One security. One provider. The ultimate simplicity.